We are not at peace. (Rant)


Most institutions (church, government, education, etc.) were established to bring some sort of order in the chaos. Some calm in the storm. In the STORM, implying that there is so much to fear outside our door of understanding. There is so much out there we cannot control, but we desperately try to. As soon as humans learned how to tame fire and use it to our betterment, we realized Nature itself could be tamed.

And taming the Anarchy of Nature is all we’ve been trying to do ever since.

From controlling fire we began controlling Earth, growing and harvesting at our command. Then we stole the freedom of Nature’s Anarchy from animals, keeping them controlled to prolong our comfort. Then commerce and division of labor occurred. That snowball has created a monster machine that no one can stop, for greed and gluttony rule this world.

Inside us, fundamentally we feel that something about this is wrong. Why else would we all have this common feeling that something is not right, that we are not at ease. Even when we have food on our table, a temperature controlled dwelling on land that we “own”, almost completely safe from weather and fatigue, with a family that is fed and safe… We still feel angst, annoyance, and rage.

So we keep evolving to find the peace within us, because it is so difficult to find externally, even with every comfort we have acquired. But then you step back even further and find, that there never was peace. We only learned to tame the fire to give us a sense of peace; warmth, security, easily digestible food… We invented spears and weapons because we weren’t at peace. We probably even started eating animals to find peace, so we could know for sure they were dead and wouldn’t come back to kill us.

There never was peace. We have been so constantly evolving towards a utopia that does not exist. Because as long as evolution continues, so does our unrest and dissatisfaction.

Because the truth is, peace only exists in fleeting moments. Peace is a place we visit, peace is not a mental condition. If peace was a condition, it would be called neutral. But neutral is not what we want. Neutrality is bland and stagnant. As the saying goes, there is no light without darkness, there is no good without bad. There is no neutral in this existence.

We can find these fleeting moments of peace, but they are temporary. Because inside all of us, there is unrest. “People are damaging the Freedom Anarchy of Nature.” we believe. “This is what’s wrong with the world today. People are destroying the world. But not me… Other people. This is why I am not at peace. …other people.”

So we do our best to recycle our garbage and call it a day. But Nature is suffering, and clinging to life under this oppressive force of Human. In our unending attempt to find this Peaceful Place, we take more and more of Nature under our control. We control the land, animals, seas, sky, space and molecules and even our inner world. And yet… still no Peace.

The Anarchy of Nature is still within all of us, it is our true Parent. If Nature is our mother, our father is the Anarchy that guides it.

“Don’t say that, don’t say that. That makes me feel all stirred inside, and I can’t tell if it scares me or excites me. So I’ll just turn on the tv and pretend I am at peace.”

Fuck you and your complacency, and fuck me for mine. Sister Society has pressured us from birth to be happy with the accomplishments of others, so that we can sit in complacency and call it peace. But how can we be happy for what is destroying our true Parent? Sisters can be kind but they can also be jealous and cruel.

Keeping busy keeps our minds off of it, for feeding the monster requires your attention. But as soon as he is fed for the day, we sit back and nothing inside of us has changed.

Truthfully, nothing will take away that feeling. As life goes on, there will always be an angst. There will always be desire, hunger, and greed. Even on our happiest days.

We cannot “un-evolve” to find a peace we think our ancestors had, for they never had it. They had the same feelings you are having, that’s why the monster is in the state it’s in. The monster is eating the Earth.

What should we do? Should we leave it? Collectively as one people… Just to find another mother to drain?

No… We must find a way to survive without damaging the Earth. Our need for control, our need for peace, will never go away, but ironically we will never find what we are looking for. Might as well try to do as little damage as possible to our Parent (Mother Nature and Father Anarchy) despite our condition.

Survival is the closest thing to peace we will ever find. Damaging others only continues the anguish. Damaging the Parent does not make our condition easier.

… to be continued.



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